First of all, look at this good boy. He would be an excellent mayor for my province’s capital.

Second of all, the job search is… going. Not going fast, but it’s going. Economically depressed area, what else can you do but hope for something okay, maybe not the best, but just okay.

Thirdly, right. Writing. That has also been going. Unfortunately, my ADHD has been worse than ever, and I actually haven’t been writing that much. But I can tell you a bit about what will (eventually) show up on Fiction for the Fading. Eventually. It’s going to be another few months, and it’s not very much right now. I think I’m at chapter 3 in the second draft? (… let’s not get into what happened to the zero draft I was working on before. Because I don’t have it anymore. There were technical issues and somehow the entire file got wiped and I am still irritated because that was 15 000 words just going *poof*.)

The working title is Champions. It has nothing to do with sports, there’s another reason behind it. It’s still urban fantasy, just like how The Wake was, but less sprawling and hopefully easier to keep track of.

If you’ve read The Wake, about 80% of the character names are going to look familiar because I basically ripped everything to shreds, and started reorganizing it all, modifying it. Their origins are different, their stories are different, but I think their personalities are much the same. Or to put it another way, I started writing an AU of my own story and then the AU took over. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Also, I have a Spotify playlist that’s updated very sporadically related to this project, should you want to listen to that. Right now there’s only 12 songs, but it’ll probably get bigger as the months go on.

Speaking of The Wake, I’m going to eventually (maybe in a month or two) unprivate (publicate? what word do you even use for that?) all three volumes. I made it private so I could work out new tags initially, and then I found out that WriteShare (the plugin I use because I am really bad at updating tables of contents and it generates ones similar to what AO3 has instead) uses a different posting method that wouldn’t cross over with the WordPress posts and therefore, nothing would get mixed up anyway.  So yeah, that’s coming back at some point should you want to read them.

As for the characters of Issue 1… uh… I have no idea. I assume I’ll do something with them in the future, but as of right now, it’ll stay on the site as my way of practicing how to make ebooks. I do like them, but I haven’t really come up with a new plot for them.

So basically I’ve spent several weeks doing very little but refreshing job ad aggregators. I also created a whole year’s worth of two-day-per-page planner pages (couldn’t find a design I liked, so I made them by hand. It’s heavily inspired by Cornell notes and for maximum space usage). Was going to buy something for 2018 but figured I’d try my own design first. (And by hand, I mean, I drew every line and date 365 times with pencil and a ruler. There is graphite smeared all over the clipboard I use as a portable hard surface because of this.) This is why I don’t update – my life is boring. But I figured I’d check in. Things are going. Going slowly, but still going.