Every single time I try to start a blog, it never works out. This is why the last entry for this one was over a year ago. I keep misplacing the links and whatever.

In any case, considering the downtime right now on the serial, it seems like an okay time to pick this back up again.

The reason behind the downtime is this: I got burned out. And burned out bad. I hated looking at what I was writing. I kind of hated all writing that I’ve done in the last five or so years. I was frustrated. And so I stopped partway through an issue (which actually isn’t done at all).

I forced myself to take a break. I just read and read and read instead, but no writing. I watched an entire season of Voltron: Legendary Defender in an afternoon.  Just reading and catching up on stuff. I let the materials stew. After a few days, I realised what I had been doing wrong – and it is a lot of wrong things. So much so that I decided that I had to completely stop what I was writing and start over.

And that’s a lot of work to start over on. I’ve been working on The Wake, in various iterations, for well over twelve years. You guys only saw the two most recent iterations. That’s a lot to throw out. But I think it had to be done – I was writing myself into knots. The story was too big and too hard to deal with. It didn’t even have an end to it in any way.

I’m still working out what to do with it now. I’m at a zero draft of one possible way to take the characters, and it is entirely and completely different than what I started with. Very, very different. I’m going to have to rename it because it’s so different. I won’t know until the end of the zero draft (and I’m not going into any detail right now) how viable a story it is yet, but I figure this draft should be done in a week or two (I can type really fast when I want to).  After that, I may go back to handwriting the next draft (I’m also a fast handwriter with a lot of ink and pencils to get through), and then a draft that I’ll actually put up. That is, if I get towards the end of the zero draft and it still makes sense. It’s a bit of a jumble right now.

I’m going to try to write more during the actual writing process here, maybe as a way of slowing things down and getting a better idea of what I’m doing.