So today marks the third anniversary of The Wake serial. Or three years since I said “you know what would be a great idea? Putting this work in progress on the internet! Yeah, that would be a great idea.”

Three years ago, I had a much better idea of a schedule. I’m still reworking it, which is why today’s post is still the half-chapter like how it usually is. I’m debating just putting up a single chapter (why do I even call them that?) once a week. I don’t foresee the chapters getting smaller than 3000 words. I mean, I’m already drifting towards this now and have been for months.

I’m still actively writing this – even if my lack of updates don’t seem to match with this. Mostly because I’m writing other things at the same time and sometimes I get wrapped up in that. I’m trying to get a novel completed for the end of July, and I’ve been kind of working on some blog design, so I’ve been busy… for relative degrees of what ‘busy’ might mean.

Anyway, with three years past, what’s ahead for the Wake? Well, it isn’t ending, not any time soon. I expect to have this volume complete by late August/early September, and I’ve already made a start on volume 4.  How long is this going to go? I have absolutely no idea. It’s at least 6 volumes total, maybe even closer to 10. I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

There’s also what I’ve started referring to as the “beta” version, which I’m planning on putting up on Wattpad. This is the edited version, now that I’ve had a chance to see how all of the story worked out, I can clear out what didn’t work, reclarify what I missed the first time, add actual description (I’ve noticed that I’m a bit sparse with it), all that important stuff. It really, really  needs it before it goes before another audience. I’ve finally figured out that why I’ve been dragging my feet with it – the version that you all can read right now is not the first draft. It’s more like the fifth. Retreading the same ground for the sixth or seventh time is pretty much the opposite of “stimulating”. I already know everything that’s about to happen, but there’s also just so much to fix and… augh. This is why nothing is actually getting done. I’m trying something that might be a bit unorthodox and it does involve rewriting nearly the entire thing again, but maybe it’ll make it easier overall because it’ll force me to think in a slightly different way, which would make it more interesting. Fingers crossed that it could be all done by the end of August, but I can’t be sure yet.

Also, no one should ever trust my self-imposed deadlines. They never, ever actually work out. This is why I’ve failed Camp NaNoWriMo no less than five times in the last three years. I may be saying August, but it could be October. What can I say, I’m time-blind. Why else do you all think everything takes me so long to actually do? (I can manage to hammer out a 2000 word essay within three hours of when it’s due, even if I have several days to work on it. It’s a very unfortunate habit thing that I have.)

So TL;DR: the serial will continue to keep going for god knows how long. The revamped version of volume 1 could be posted as soon as two months from now on a different site (with a bigger audience). Do not believe the dates I’m giving because I’m not good at following them.

And I’m going to try to post here more, but I’ll probably fail in that goal.