In which I am late with posting. Again.

As far as I know, as of writing this entry, the final update for the intermission should be posted by tonight. It’s about time that it goes up since I really need to get back to the main storyline again and get that finished up… however, I think I have two fifths left to go for it, if not more.

I didn’t intend to be this late with it – stuff caught up with me. I moved out of my university dormitories on Friday, and after that (and all of the unpacking that entailed) I completely lost track of time.

And then there was my computer.

I upgraded my computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10 yesterday. I’ve had Windows 10 on my laptop for months (also an upgrade – that one went from 8.1 which I loathed), so I figured it’ll be just fine.

Ha. Hahahahahaha. No.

I didn’t know I was logged into a temporary profile, and me being a dumbass moved all my files into the temporary profile’s documents/pictures/music/etc. folders. And then I noticed a problem with the audio driver, so I did the thing (you delete the driver, and reinstall it and usually it fixes it) and after restarting the computer, ended up in the not-temporary profile associated with my Microsoft account.

Fun fact: when you log out of a temporary account, everything you did in there gets deleted. Did I know this? No, I didn’t. Imagine my confusion when I discovered that I had somehow gained 500 gigabytes of disk space.

So for four hours, I did everything I could to find those missing files – every hidden folder I could open up, I looked for them. Eventually, I gave up and used Recuva, which found almost everything. However, I didn’t need it for everything, because I routinely back up my media to an external hard drive, and all of my current writing projects are on Dropbox or Google Drive or on paper, so it was mostly just a few stray files and some old drafts (from 2006 to 2010). It still took over an hour and a half to go through the list of over 57 000 files and by then, my head and eyes hurt. I had access to the file with the serial in it, but with that many restarts, I was sure I was going to lose something (even though I have Scrivener set to auto-save every minute, just in case). I also very nearly lost my TurboTax files which would have been very bad.

So, don’t be like me. Even if Windows says it won’t remove your files, back them up just in case, because the temporary profile thing (which will delete anything you download or move around) could very well happen to you too. I didn’t have this issue with my laptop, but obviously, it’s a random thing. And Recuva is a good program to use.

Also, I did finally get the audio driver problem fixed. That was probably the least of my troubles yesterday.

So there’s my excuse for not having the update when I planned to have it up. Instead I’m not splitting it at the 1500/2000 word mark (like I usually do to make it less wall of text-y) and just putting it all up at once. After this, we revert back to the original storyline, because wow, I’m behind with that. I’ve got a bit of a rough draft written (like on paper), but I feel like it’s too big of a jump right now so I may have to backpedal and figure out where I’m going with it.

I actually do have most of  Volume 3 planned (the intermission was just something I randomly decided to do), so I’m not 100% making it up as I go along (just 60%), so I hope to tie this all up in a few months as well. I feel like I’ve been dragging out these last two volumes, which is bad because this is the build-up. Shit starts to go down at the end of Volume 3 and from there on forwards, and I’m just trying to set the stage, so to speak.

As for Camp NaNoWriMo… yeah. That is a failure. 5000 words? Something like that. I seem to have the complete inability to actually write my goal during Camp NaNo, but then, I also failed last year with NaNoWriMo proper with only 25k, so I don’t know what it is lately.

I should be studying.

This is the blog that no one asked for, but it’s better than writing lots of really stupid author’s notes on every update that I post, so hi there. This is my semi-personal blog, where I ramble and talk about everything including the Wake, other writing, and other stuff in my life. Yay?

Speaking of the Wake. I said over a year ago that I was going to rewrite Volume 1 and then post it on Wattpad because the audience is bigger there (I’ve managed to make my serial almost ungoogleable – I don’t know how, but I guess it’s the combination of very common words that did it). I have not done this. I have the account, just not the posting. Guess how far I am in rewriting. Just guess.

It’s two chapters. I have, in fact, cleaned up the first chapter by a lot. There is still no way for me to not introduce all of the characters at once without stretching things out to a painful degree so at the moment, everyone is stuck with the cast herd.

But that’s not the problem. The problem is a simple yet big one. Point of view. The earlier drafts of Volume 1 were in first person. I changed it to third for the serial for the potential of head-hopping. I’m now stuck as to whether keep it in third or switch it back to first because of those storylines that are occurring in the volume. My initial plan was to split it into two books and write them in first (let’s be honest, I dropped the ball pretty badly with Aislin’s storyline), but then I was like “but I could still do two storylines at once it won’t be too bad” and now I’m stuck. Hooray. So if it seems like I’m not getting any further, it’s because I’m not. I would certainly like to, I’m just at this big dumb roadblock that’s preventing me from actually writing what I need to be writing.

And the Wake is not the only thing I work on, though it’s by far the biggest. I’ve got a bunch of smaller stories that I’m trying to get into shape enough so I can write them (couple of historical romance series, a couple of fantasy series, etc. I don’t like getting too much into detail when they’re in this shaky of shape since I barely know what’s going on with them yet). Balancing everything is not exactly something I’m good at so again, if it seems like I’m not writing as much as I could be, that’s just the stuff I’m putting online. There’s a lot handwritten and in physical form, partially written drafts and so many notes everywhere. My brain doesn’t want to shut off.

Anyway, I really do feel bad about the lack of consistent updates over the last couple of months. I’m not very good at keeping a buffer so sometimes I run out of steam and can’t write much per week. I was way more consistent at the beginning because I had three-quarters of that draft already written when I had started posting it. I’m trying, I really am.

I should really be studying for my finals on Tuesday and Thursday. And all things going okay, I’ll have updates this week tonight/tomorrow and Wednesday/Thursday, fingers crossed. (If I’m not too busy fanthinging over Homestuck, because that could happen.)